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Italy brand FURLA spring/summer 2014 series about large, connected to not only represent the elegance and functionality of the product qualities are also branded its principal mark, showing Italy perfect for crafts and vertical profile of energy balance and integration, detailed overview of the clean, beautifully decorated, suimi hand in every detail, so people can't ignore.
FURLA form of budding photographer Marton perlaki confession appeared in Paris by 2014 spring/summer blockbusters filmed inspired by brands in Italy Bologna headquarters boasts elegant 18th century architecture manhood's estate.
Confession paintings raised the link light and shadows, increased the use of warm, sketch set in beautifully concise lines. Fitted with the natural shade and pastel shades remind people of Manor within the ubiquitous wooden paneling.
France model Maud Le Fort interpretation of the new season in the spotlight series candy candy bags and color soft leather handbag, the interpretation of a beautiful mature and not the natural elegance of contemporary femininity.
Large diversity of this confession brought about by the aesthetic perspective giving a brand exclusive jewelry collection sweet beauty, not only represent the elegance and functionality of the product linked to trait is also branded its principal mark, playing fashion life position of every part of it.
FURLA has always adhere to the classic elements of beauty, art, the pursuit of high quality permeates her creative process every time. "Creativity comes from Italy" subjects also showed Italy perfect for crafts and vertical profile of energy balance and integration, reveal the brand FURLA spooky spirit.
To show Italy brand characteristics of manual ISO Arts converge with Li, FURLA has always been confrontational in recent years to cooperate with the world fashion circle in the top creative people, aimed at enriching the interpretation of FURLA brand origin energy and inspiration in the latest series.
The blockbusters in addition to the confession room combines Marton perlaki, founder and Director of the magazine from cooperating, FURLA spring/summer 2014 series contents Dan Pintu was world famous France static photographer Philippe Lacombe Zhang Jing.
FURLA to manipulate raw charm and colour release, inspired by ideology. Latest design standard reflects the purpose of the elegant, sophisticated and active side. FURLA with known good quality, attracting about tides also gives weight to the quality of women. FURLA running a brand image is: mature, feminine, a little witty fun personality position. FURLA to make it easier on female rivals question stands, especially.
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